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What’s new

Mar 17, 2022
Throwback: Liquid Cities

During the Ars Electronica Festival in 1996, the indoor pool of the Parkbad Linz transformed into a fluid interactive 3D space.

Mar 10, 2022
Throwback: Mirages & miracles

The exhibition Mirages & miracles at the Ars Electronica Center staged augmented reality in a virtuoso and imaginative way.

Mar 3, 2022
Throwback: inFORM

MIT-Medialab's inFORM application addressed the question of how to get the digital back into the physical world.

Feb 24, 2022
Throwback: GeoPulse

GeoPulse opened up an interactive experience space for visitors of the Ars Electronica Center that compiled multi-layered data about our world and made it possible to experience it in a playful way.

Feb 23, 2022
STARTS Prize 2022: What orange peels, oceans and exoskeletons have in common

The STARTS Prize by the European Commission, which recognizes innovative projects at the interface of science, technology and the arts, is entering its sixth round.